Natural Garden is a special place where we make beautiful clothes using natural materials. Our customers in Korea love what we do, and now we want to share our beauty with people all over the world.

First, I will show you our precious working place!

Let me tell you about where we work. Our workplace is more than just a location – it's where our creative team comes together to make wonderful clothes. We use materials like linen that come from nature to create clothes that not only look good but also feel comfortable.

This is our filming studio in Natural Garden!

It is a place where many shots are taken in a day.

We are trying to take as realistic photos as possible

"I want to show you our natural clothes from Natural Garden in a real, lovely, and natural way."

Our photographer, who has been doing this for more than eight years, likes taking pictures for Natural Garden because they look so natural. He said that the pictures really capture the nice and natural feeling of Natural Garden. It's like this because our team has worked together for a long time and we all like the natural and lovely atmosphere of Natural Garden.

Design planning
From the trendy natural clothing design to various events, the story of the Natural Garden begins here.

This is the Design Planning team at Natural Garden. Here, we create discount events to make our customers interested in Natural Garden, and we talk about clothing designs during meetings.

We discuss things like what's popular in natural clothing around the world, brands that are special but not well-known, and how customers like the fabrics we use. We have a lot of questions every day, like "How did you hear about Natural Garden?" and "What kind of clothes do you like from our brand?" We also ask if you liked the clothes you got from us and what events you enjoy at Natural Garden.

We take all this information and use it to tell stories when you shop at Natural Garden. This is the Design Planning team at Natural Garden.

We inspect and inspect again so that we don't miss even the smallest problem of the product. This is the inspection team at Natural Garden.

Imagine opening a Natural Garden box and seeing the first product inside looking really pretty. We know how important that is to you. We care about the basics more than anyone else. Just like you're excited about getting something from Natural Garden, we check every little thing very carefully.

Before any product is sent out, we look at it closely. We start by making sure it's clean. Then, our special team checks if anything is wrong with it, even the small parts.

At Natural Garden, we want to be a place that you and others who love nature feel comfortable with. That's why we work hard to make sure everything is checked and packed perfectly. We really care about how you feel when you get our products.


Don't worry!

We are filming from product inspection to packaging process 24 hours a day.

Natural Garden promises safe delivery until you receive the product.

Experience the packaging and delivery service of Natural Garden.

We want to see you smile when you open our delivery box. This is the special packing team at Natural Garden.

Do you remember the first time you encountered Natural Garden?

We believe it was likely when you opened our delivery box.

The Special Packing Team holds a unique position at Natural Garden, standing out confidently among other brands. Regardless of whether we receive hundreds or even thousands of orders each day, at Natural Garden, every individual's packaging is treated with care.

Consistently flawless, always neat.


Packing a box requires six steps

From checking the color and size of the order to attaching the invoice!

Checking orders, putting clothes carefully, putting in packing slip, putting in free items, taping box, and invoicing. We always do six steps carefully.

Our work
Our mission is to put a smile on your face through our wonderful clothing. It's what we're great at and what we're truly passionate about.

We're committed to delivering flawless items to you, without any defects.