You are curious about how we work, aren't you?

Let me introduce the Natural Garden!

A natural garden that gives you beauty. With our customer's love, we have became Korea's largest linen and natural clothing mall. Now we would like to give beauty to people all over the world.

First, I will show you our precious working place!

Photo studio
The Natural garden is full of natural clothes every day,

What process will it take for our products to appear to you?

This is the filming studio at Natural Garden!

It is a place where many shots are taken in a day.

We are trying to take as realistic photos as possible

"I want to show you the natural clothes of the Natural Garden in a realistic, lovely, natural way"

Our photographer, who has more than eight years of experience, says he likes Natural Garden's photography because it's so natural. In addition, he said that the natural and lovely atmosphere of the Natural Garden is expressed in pictures as it is because the natural and lovely atmosphere of the Natural Garden and many staff have worked together for a long time.

Design planning
From the trendy natural clothing design to various events, the story of the Natural Garden begins here.

This is the design planning team of Natural Garden. It is a place where we create small events to create interest for our customers in the Natural Garden as well as conferences on clothing design.

Global trends in natural clothing, hidden but jewel-like brands that we want to introduce to our customers, and the quality, color, and customer response of the fabric are talked about in space.

So the team has so many questions every day. Like "How did you get to know the Natural Garden?", "What kind of clothes do you like in our brand?", "Did you receive the clothes well?", "What kind of events do you like in Natural Garden?".

People who put all this in and tell stories at the Natural Garden shopping mall.
This is the design planning team at Natural Garden.

We inspect and inspect again so that we don't miss even the smallest problem of the product. This is the inspection team at Natural Garden.

How would the first product you saw look pretty when you opened the Natural Garden box? What if the new clothes you bought are defective when you first received them.

We understand your mind first, and we value the basics more than anyone else. As much as you eagerly wait for the Natural Garden, we carefully inspect even a small thread.

All products of Natural Garden are packaged after thorough verification by the inspection team. It starts with disinfection, one of the most basic, and is thoroughly managed by the inspection team to check if there are any defective products and if there are any threads.

Natural Garden is home to you and nature lovers.
So we always want to do the inspection and packaging perfectly.


Don't worry!

We are filming from product inspection to packaging process 24 hours a day.

Natural Garden promises safe delivery until you receive the product.

Experience the packaging and delivery service of Natural Garden.

We hope your mouth will be full of smiles when you open our delivery box. This is Natural Garden's special packing team

Do you remember when you first met Natural Garden?

We think it was probably when you first opened the delivery box.

The Special Packing Team is actually the most confident department in Natural Garden compared to other brands. Because even if we get hundreds or thousands of orders a day, the Natural Garden cares about the packaging of each person.

Always perfect, Always clean.


Packing a box requires six steps

From checking the color and size of the order to attaching the invoice!

Checking orders, putting clothes carefully, putting in packing slip, putting in free items, taping box, and invoicing. We always do six steps carefully.

Our work
Making you smile with good clothes is our work,

and that's what we do best and love the most

We will try to get you perfect items without any defects